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Our 48th Season!


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January 19 - February 10
Matinee January 27

Directed by Shannon Cheney

Arguably Jane Austen's most famous work, Pride and Prejudice is beautifully adapted for the stage. The drama of high Victorian society married with witty humor leaves audiences swooning for the most riveting courtship in theatrical history. Before the merriment of marriage can begin, however, the proud Elizabeth Bennet must navigate her way around a trffling mother, inpestuous sisters and completely unsuitable suitors. Adding to the endless complications, her would-be match, Mr Darcy has some flaws of his own to overcome. In the end, true love blossoms when pride and prejudice meet.



March 9 - 31
Matinees March 17 & 24

Directed by Joshua Samuel Robinson

Winner of 5 Tony Awards, The Drowsy Chaperone is a musical within a comedy. Imagine if you can the passion of a dedicated Broadway fan coupled with the paralyzing fear of an agoraphobic. You are now acquainted with Man in Chair, your guide and commentator for the evening. Kick back with him and enjoy a rare recording of a smash broadway hit from the safety and comfort of his dingy apartment. Surely the music and drama will cure any sadness or unease lingering around the fringes of your life. The Drowsy Chaperone will ensnare, elevate and soothe any ill with high notes, clever comedy and panache truly worthy of Broadway.



April 20 - May 12
Matinee April 28

Directed by Brian Wood

Neil Simon's classic play, Plaza Suite, answers the age old question: What if these walls could talk? Wonder no longer, and pull up a chair as a simple hotel room becomes so much more. Reflecting the highs and lows of the human experience all seen through the common lens of a single hotel room suite. From the tragic heartbreak of a failing marriage, to mildly audacious seduction and the hilarity of wedding day jitters, the story of three couples will speak to the heart.



June 8 - 30, 2016
Matinees June 16 & 23

Directed by Dee Pace

The magic of Camelot has captured the hearts and minds of theater lovers for generations. It is little wonder that Camelot is the winner of 4 Tony Awards and numerous other honorifics. Heritage Theater whisks audiences away to the glorious halls of Camelot Castle where chivalry, romance and high ideals abound. All is not well. Even the just utopia of King Arthur's kingdom is not free from intrigue and betrayal. True love foiled, friendships sullied and magical allegiances manipulated all come full circle in the rise and fall of Arthur's realm. The dream of Camelot will never die, the torch simply passes from one generation to the next.



August 24 - September 15
Matinees August 25 & September 1

Directed by Briana Taylor & Jennifer Hunsaker

Crazy for You is more than the run-of-the-mill slapstick, romantic-comedy musical. Some of the Gershwins' most timeless and memorable musical triumphs grace the stage in this one of a kind musical. Theater goers will sing along as the love sick Bobby croons, "Embraceable You" to the impervious Polly Baker. Equally mesmerizing is the unforgettable tune, "They Can't Take that Away from Me" as we see Bobby lamenting his star-crossed romance. Come and experience these classics and the many other musical delights that mingle together to tell the timeless story of boy meets girl.



October 5 - 27
Matinee October 20

Directed by Judean Parkinson

Part classic murder mystery and part irreverent comedy, the Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 leaves audiences guffawing and gasping for air. Imagine an ill-fated team of theatrical producers trapped in a creepy mansion replete with secret passages and a determined villain, known as 'The Slasher'. The dim-witted police inspector does little to solve the mystery as the body count rises, and adds oh-so-much levity to the gruesome scene. Heritage Theater invites all to laugh themselves silly as our cast of players unmasks the Musical Comedy Murders of 1940.



November 30 - December 22
Matinees December 8 & 15

Directed by Marilyn Whipple

A sweet and heart warming story for the coldest of weather, Miracle on 34th Street brings hope and magic back into the life of little Susan Walker. Still hurt and reeling from her own misfortunes, single mother Doris Walker protects her daughter Susan in the best way she knows how. There will be no fanciful fairy tales or romantic notions for her daughter; just cold hard facts and healthy New York cynicism. Magic, however, will always find a way. Come see why Miracle on 34th Street is an enduring classic and let yourself believe.




Pride and Prejudice
January 19 - February 10, 2018

The Drowsy Chaperone
March 9 - 31, 2018

Plaza Suite
April 20 - May 12, 2018

June 8 - 30, 2018

Crazy for You
August 24 - September 15, 2018

Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
October 5 - 27, 2018

Miracle on 34th Street
November 30 - December 22, 2018