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By Ray Cooney and Tony Hilton

April 18 - May 10

Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays - 7:30 PM

Matinee April 26 - 2:00 PM

A highly rewarding evening’s entertainment, this hilarious farce revolves around a young man, Hickory Wood (Benjamin Ream) who has to prove he is the only child of a former business associate of a rich mill owner in order to receive 10,000 pounds.

The story takes place in the English country estate of Jonathan Hardcastle (Michael Bennett). Hardcastle is rolling in money and wants to give some of it (10,000 pounds, to be exact) to the son of his former business associate. The only stipulation is that the young man must be his father’s sole heir.

Unsure of the son’s whereabouts, Hardcastle places an advertisement in a number of British papers. Almost immediately, an heir appears in the form of Billy Hickory Wood (Benjamin Ream), who arrives at the estate accompanied by the crafty Charlie Barnet (Brian Wood).
Of course, you can’t have a decent farce without numerous plot complications. No sooner has Billy made his identity known, than he is joined by his twin brother Rupert, who isn’t nearly as interested in money as he is in Hardcastle’s young daughter Cynthia (Kellie Christensen).

Mistaken identity, a hallmark of farce, and an entertaining script, full of puns, will elicit both groans and gales of laughter.


"The public will love it and rightly so." - London Times

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